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About ANEL

A Naturally Empowered Life


For years, Shevaughn Watson had been making and using her own natural skincare products. After multiple requests from family and friends,  ANEL was founded by Shevaughn and her husband Dante Watson one evening over dinner, when they scrawled the name of the company on a napkin. 

People spend a lot of time and money for food and skin products free of harsh chemicals and preservatives. Mainstream products and foods often contain many harmful and harsh chemicals and pesticides commonly used for processing and preservation. These chemicals and pesticides can cause allergic reactions, skin irritation and general discomfort.

Finding skin products that are natural, organic, and chemical free can prove difficult at times. ANEL was founded to make the search easy. ANEL's three signature products: ANEL Body Oil, ANEL Body Butter, and ANEL Sea Salt Scrub were created to provide a healthy, natural alternative to traditional skin care products.


Using this trio of ANEL products will leave your skin healthy, moisturized, and radiant. You can feel empowered and uplifted knowing that you are using a natural product designed especially to benefit and improve your overall health and wellness.

While ANEL is launching with the three signature products, ANEL anticipates offering other skin care products and lifestyle services soon.



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